DESC embarked on community outreach in mid-June 2011 followed by a handful of participation in neighborhood events and small informational meetings aimed at engaging and educating the community about DESC's plan to develop an affordable housing project in the north Delridge neighborhood, located at 5444 Delrige Way SW. Cottage Grove Commons Supportive Housing will create 66 units of affordable housing with supportive services for homeless men and women living with serious mental/addictive illnesses or other disabling conditions. In its effort to improve the community engagement process and as a condition of its City and King County funding, DESC expressed its desire for the creation of an advisory committee. DESC, in partnership with Delridge neighborhood stakeholders, work on the formation of such committee in December. The Delridge Supportive Housing Advisory Committee is comprised of project stakeholder representatives, including North Delridge Neighborhood Council's appointed community representatives known collectively as the Delridge Alliance, DESC representatives, and other stakeholder representatives. The Delridge Alliance has done great work in identifying and recruiting neighborhood stakeholders as members of the committee.

The following have been identified as members of the Cottage Grove Commons Supportive Housing Advisory Committee:


  • Pete Spalding, Delridge Alliance neighborhood leadership rep,long-time community advocate
  • Bill Hobson, DESC Executive Director


  • Dorsol Plants, Delridge Alliance neighborhood leadership rep, NDNC Executive Council (replacing Vonetta Mangaoang effective February 2013)
  • Jane Appling, Delridge Alliance neighborhood institution rep, Seattle Public Library
  • Steve Daschle, Delridge Alliance social service rep, Southwest Youth and Family Services
  • Angela Goodman, Delridge Alliance adjacent property owner rep
  • Nicole Macri, DESC
  • 2 seats (TBD), consumers of mental health services or similar supportive housing
  • 2 seats representing the Delriige Alliance neighborhood design/development and local business were vacant as of September 2013.

In addition to the above committeee positions, the Advisory Committee anticipates that representatives from the City of Seattle and King County will regularly attend meetings in order to be a resource to members when questions arise relevant to funding or policy guiding the development and operations of the site.

Questions from neighbors may be addressed to any member of the Committee. To contact DESC directly, please email For more information about the Delridge Alliance, please see To contact members of the Delridge Alliance, please email

Advisory Committee Meetings
The Cottage Grove Commons Supportive Housing Advisory Committee meets at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center's South Classroom from 6:30PM-8:30PM unless otherwise stated. The Committee initially met twice in March 2012 and once a month thereafter until October 2012. The Advisory Committee resumed its meeting on January 10, 2013. At its September 24th meeting, the Committee identified two meeting dates before the building's opening in December 2013. These dates are: October 30 at 6:30PM and November 20 at 5:00PM.

The Advisory Committee is also working on organizing an educational forum in the community on mental illness. The goal is to increase awareness and reduce the stigma about mental illness. More information about this effort will soon be available.

The committee visited a couple of DESC's housing projects on June 4, 2012 in its effort to learn more and have better understanding of the housing first model and program operations.

On February 21, 2012, the Advisory Committee hosted a public hearing at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, to give the Delridge community an opportunity to provide input on DESC's Supportive Housing development. Testimonies given at the public hearing in addition to previously provided neighbor input, became the basis for the beginning discussions of the Delridge Supportive Housing Advisory Committee. The news release about the February 21st public hearing is available here

Meeting Materials
The following materials provide the community and the public with information about the progress of the Advisory Committee:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions about the Delridge Supportive Housing

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