Community events are an important part of DESC's mission to end homelessness.
They present an opportunity for us to reach out and share vital information with
our supporters. By attending special events, neighborhoods and communities can learn
more about our clients' needs, the work we do, and how all of this impacts their lives.

Bill HobsonJoin us in a retirement celebration
For Bill Hobson, DESC Executive Director

After nearly 30 years of leadership, Executive Director Bill Hobson is retiring. He has been a driving force in the fight to end homelessness, Under Bill's leadership DESC helped pioneer Housing First. Once considered a radical and controversial idea, this humane and effective approach to ending homelessness has become the dominant service approach promoted in national policy. We are honored to celebrate his lifetime achievements

Under Bill's stewardship, DESC has evolved to better address the full range of needs of its clients, adding comprehensive clinical programs (including mental health street outreach and engagement, case management services, crisis respite, chemical dependency treatment, crisis diversion and employment services) as well as many unique and highly successful supportive housing programs (over 1000 units) for the most disabled and difficult-to-house individuals in our community. DESC now plays a central role in the delivery of services to homeless adults in our community, serving more than 7,000 men and women each year.

His over thirty years of bold and ambitious leadership have resulted in a truly unique organization that does more for the disabled homeless population than its founders ever conceived. The agency has demonstrated that;with intensive efforts;disabled, marginalized and chronically homeless people can stabilize, obtain and successfully maintain housing, and become more independent and involved members of the community.

Bill has turned a small grass roots agency into a professional, national award-winning organization with a respected, effective and cost-saving approach to serving this vulnerable subset of the homeless population. Today, DESC aims to provide the most comprehensive services that create permanent solutions to homelessness. Bill's continued advocacy for this marginalized population has helped bring a focus on homelessness to the entire King County.




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