Multidisciplinary Intensive Support and Treatment
The MIST team work closely within King County Client Care Coordination (CCC) efforts and provider networks. The target population are individuals experiencing chronic homelessness who have the highest crisis system usage and or the highest scores from DESC's Vulnerability Assessment Tool.

The goal of this program is for individuals to access sustainable permanent housing, recovery supports and mainstream funding sources through assertive engagement and case management services. It will identify and locate candidates who are not connected to ongoing services including using CCC screening and establish relationships with them. It will assist individuals in their application for and transition to CCC permanent supportive housing using established processes while offering additional support and connect them to ongoing entitlements and Medicaid-funded treatment and services.

MIST is funded by a federal grant from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for a period of three years beginning October 1, 2011. It started taking referrals in January 2012 and will serve a total of 95 enrolled individuals over the course of three years.

Services provided
Activities will include:

  • Outreach to referrals meeting the program's criteria; screening process includes the King King County Client Care Coordination criteria.
  • Engage and enroll into behavioral health treatment, housing support and recovery services
  • Coordination of housing acquisition and retention.
  • Assist with mainstream benefits with focus on SSI/SSDI applications.
  • Stabilization and transition of clients to ongoing services.

Eligibility criteria

  • Single adults living in King County meeting the definition of chronic homelessnes
  • Living with serious behavioral health disorder(s) including co-occurring substance use disorders
  • Individuals who are not receiving ongoing outreach or case management services from another provider
  • Individuals who score highly using the DESC's vulnerability assessment tool and/or system utilization data

Contact Us
For referral and information about DESC's MIST Team, please call (206)354-0400, or contact Jodie Shreve, LICSW, Clinical Supervisor at (206) 422-8191.

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