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DESC continues to set the standard for excellence in supportive housing, winning local and national recognition for the effectiveness of its programs. These links point to articles or other information provided by other organizations. DESC is not responsible for the content referenced by these links. These links are provided as a service for visitors to DESC's web site, and our providing a link to an article does not imply endorsement or agreement with the content.


CHASERS, DESC's client web/database system, has achieved certification as Electronic Health Record - DESC Press Release (July 22, 2015)

Daniel Malone Steps up to Lead DESC - DESC Press Release (June 30, 2015)

Giving Alcoholics A Home Helps Them Manage Their Addiction - KPLU Radio 88.5 (June 4, 2015)

Stop the Counterproductive Conversation About Homelessness - UWKC Blog, May 13, 2015

Mayor Murray announces 100-bed homeless shelter to open in a City-owned property - (April 17, 2015)

1811 Eastlake: Where Formerly Homeless Alcoholics are Allowed to Drink - News (March 5, 2015)

After 10-Year Plan, Why Does Seattle Have More Homeless Than Ever - News (March 3, 2015)


The Case of Allowing the Homeless to Drink - Pacific Standard (December 2014)

Housing First as healthcare: an article by DESC Deputy Director Daniel Malone - Northwest Public Health (June, 2014)

Healthcare study explores the impact of housing on health care use, costs and outcomes - Home Forward (April 14, 2014)

Alcohol Management: Reducing seizures, falls, and brain injury among alcohol dependent people - Voices From the Field, SAMHSA's Homeless Resource Center Blog (March 25, 2014)


Spotlight on Home Forward in Portland - CSH The Pipeline Blog (October 7, 2013), mentions DESC's Vulnerability Assessment Tool's role in Home Forward's Bud Clark Commons project

Getting ready to enroll homeless adults in expanded Medicaid - The Seattle Times Healthcare Checkup Blog (September 26, 2013)

Editorial: Affordable Care Act patches some holes in mental health system - The Seattle Times (September 21, 2013)

Health enrollment campaign will spread the word to every neighborhood in King County - Public Health Seattle & King County News Release (Septeber 18, 2013)

Spotlight on Innovation: Communities Leading the Way on Prioritization - USICH Newsletter (June 20, 2013)

Housing First: In Practice - USICH Newsletter (June 20, 2013)

Sebelius: Bring mental illness out of the shadows - USA Today (February 4, 2013)

In 'wet housing', alcoholics find motivation to stay dry - Real Change News (January 2, 2013)


Crisis Solutions Center another option for offenders with mental health issues - Renton (September 19, 2012)

Crisis Diversion Facility Now Open in Seattle - Spotlight, The official newsletter of NAMI Greater Seattle (September-October 2012)

Dufty renews push for SF drunks' wet house - San Francisco Chronicle (August 30, 2012)

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation grants $1.6 million in Northwest-Puget Sound - Puget Sound Business Journal (August 20, 2012)

DESC Crisis Solutions Center now open in Jackson Place - Central District News (August 13, 2012)

The Crisis Solutions Center - a much better alternative to jail or ER - Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw news blog (August 6, 2012)

Crisis Solutions Center: Innovative Facility Diverts Mentally Ill and Drug Dependent from Jails and Hospital Emergency Rooms - King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office News (August 2, 2012)

Following a Year of Opposition , Neighborhood Mental Health Center Will Open This Friday - The Stranger (August 1, 2012)

Chinatown ID crisis center an alternative to jail or ER - The Seattle Times (August 1, 2012)

New Mental Health Crisis Facility to Serve King County - KUOW News (August 1, 2012)

Housing First: a movement goes mainstream - USICH Blog (April 30, 2012)

Ed Lee and Bevan Dufty tour Seattle house for chrinic drunks - San Francisco Chronicle City Insider (April 30, 2012)

Searching Out Solutions: Constructive Alternatives to the Criminalization of Homelessness - USICH special issue (April 9, 2012)

Housing First Conference in New Orleans brings leaders together to improve, share this successful model - USICH news release (March 26, 2012)

Wet Houses, Homeless Shelters That Give Booze To Alcoholics May Save San Francisco Millions - Huffington Post (February 15, 2012)

Commons project drinks in research: Study of Seattle project shows promise for 'wet housing' - Portland Tribune (February 2, 2012)

The Maldives Raise Their Voices to Raise Funds - New Day Northwest on (February 1, 2012)

Judge rules in DESC's favor on crisis diversion site - Crosscut (January 31, 2012)

The Dusty 45s Billy Joe Huels talks frankly about homelessness - Seattle Gay News (January 27, 2012)

Study: Housing helps street alcoholics drink less - Seattle Times (January 24, 2012)

A Permanent Home That Allows Drinking Helps Homeless Drink Less - (January 23, 2012)

The Wet House: Homeless People with Alcoholism Drink Less When Booze Is Allowed - Healthland (January 20, 2012)

Alcohol OK in Housing for Formerly Homeless, Study Says - U.S. News Health (January 19, 2012)

Sobriety not required in subsidized home for alcoholics - (January 19, 2012)

Press Release: Homeless heavy drinkers imbibe less when housing allows alcohol - University of Washington, UW Today (January 19, 2012)

SPD Hands Out Winter Weather Gear - (January 19, 2012)

Seattle police: what they're doing right with troubled people - Crosscut (January 12, 2012)

Judge Dismisses NIMBY Lawsuit, allows for Neighborhood Mental Health Center - The Stranger (January 10, 2012)


Seattle process: Neighbors diverge on a diversion facility - Crosscut (December 14, 2011)

Can Edmonton learn from Seattle? Grocery stores, community rooms combined with wet shelters - Edmonton Journal (December 1, 2011)

Seattle awards $27 million for affordable housing - (November 10, 2011)

Opinion ':..Most of the people in the room were afraid of ME' - West Seattle Blog (November 8, 2011)

Mobile Crisis Team to ease conflicts between police, mentally ill - Real Change News (October 12, 2011)

Forum on proposed homeless housing project in Delridge invokes continued concern - West Seattle Herald (October 12, 2011)

Video: Questions, concerns about homeless-housing project abound at first Delridge Community Forum - West Seattle Blog (October 12, 2011)

Summit details other cities' innovations - The Tennessean (October 11, 2011)

Seattle's New Batmobile - The Stranger (September 22, 2011)

Delridge homeless-housing proposal: Neighborhood advocates tour two DESC buildings - West Seattle Blog (September 12, 2011)

Homeless Fall Through Health Care Cracks - Inter Press Service (IPS) News (July 14, 2011)

'Passionate' meeting, but Delridge homeless-housing project will roll on - West Seattle Blog (June 27, 2011)

Police partner up with mental health expert - KOMO News (June 15, 2011)

"Permanent housing" for 75 homeless people proposed for Delridge site - West Seattle Blog (June 14, 2011)

Community's Disapproval of New Crisis Solutions Center - The North American Post (June 8, 2011)

Homeless and Addicted: On the Street, or Off? - Portland Tribune (May 12, 2011)

A Safe Place to Drink, or Just Giving Up? - CNN Health (May 11, 2011)

Housing the Poor and Homeless - Ballard News Tribune (May 6, 2011)

On City Inside Out Tonight: Seattle's Spreading Homeless Problem - Seattlest (May 6, 2011

Inside Out - Housing the Poor - Seattle Channel (May 6, 2011)

City Issues Permit for Controversial Mental Health Center in Jackson Place - The Stranger (April 7, 2011)

Homeless Addicts Get Help Without Getting Clean, Sober - USA Today (March 30, 2011)

Brother's Apartment is family's peace of mind - Real Change News (February 23, 2011)

Fear Factor - Real Change News (February 9, 2011)

Alternative for mentally ill in crisis stirs debate - KPLU News (February 4, 2011)

Bunks for Drunks - Memphis Flyer (February 3, 2011)

What Are Jackson Place Residents Running From? - The Stranger (February 1, 2011)

Opponents of Jackson Place DESC facility dominate forum - Central District News (February 1, 2011)

Jackson Place group challenges legality of planned DESC facility - Central District News (January 28, 2011)

Seattle's homeless programs could work in Vancouver - CTV British Columbia (January 26, 2011)

Group challenges plans for crisis center near Chinatown International District - Seattle Times (January 25, 2011) This article contains the following errors of fact:

  • In a previous version of this article, it stated, "...the center would be "intensively staffed," with three employees to one client during the day, and four to one at night." The ratios were inadvertently inverted. A corrected version has been posted which states "...the center would be "intensively staffed," with a ratio of three clients to one employee during the day, and four to one at night."
  • It also states "The facility, which would be on 24-hour lockdown..." The Crisis Solutions Center will be a voluntarily mental health treatment facility. There is no "lockdown" aspect to it. As outlined in our Neighborhood Safeguards document, the program will include several security measures, in both the design of the building and program operations, so that participants do not roam unaccompanied into the neighborhood. However, this will not be an involuntary or locked facility.


New home for homeless planned for North Aurora - North Hearald Outlook (December 15, 2010)

87- unit Project would provide housing for homeless people - DJC (December, 10, 2010)

Downtown Emergency Service Center Eschews the Sanctimonious Bullshit - The Stranger (November 30, 2010)

Out in the cold: Program cuts mean mentally ill homeless left wandering the streets - Real Change (November 17, 2010)

New Emergency Program Reaches Jackson Place Neighborhood - The North American Post [Japanese American Community News], (November 17, 2010)

Police Collaborate with Mental Health Cohort - The Voice Newsletter of NAMI Washington (Fall 2010) (full NAMI newsletter here)

Help for consumers in crisis: New programs provide alternatives to hospital, jail - The Voice Newsletter of NAMI Washington (Fall 2010)

Officials urge residents not to fight planned Crisis Solutions Center - Central District News Blog (November 10, 2010)

Homeless Crisis Center Planned in Jackson Place - Central District News Blog (October 29, 2010)

S.F. looks at Seattle's alcoholic program - S.F. Gate (October 3, 2010)

DESC Opens Housing in South Lake Union - Daily Journal of Commerce (August 18, 2010)

Drinking on the Road to Recovery - KUOW (August 11, 2010)

Seattle Downtown Emergency Service Center adding staff for crisis center - Puget Sound Business Journal (July 30, 2010)

Q&A on the Conversion of Cyndy's House of Pancakes to Housing for Homeless - Aurora | Seattle Blog (June 23, 2010)

Anchorage outdoor deaths mount among homeless - Washington Examiner (May 5, 2010)

The streets claim lives every year, so why aren't we paying better attention - For those who can't afford free speech (March 17, 2010)

New panhandling laws aren't needed in Seattle - (March 12, 2010)

Bon Jovi Visits Homeless Shelters For Nonprofit Research - The Huffington Post (February 26, 2010)

Love is a Social Disease: John Bon Jovi Visits the Shelter on Eastlake Where Homeless Drunks Aren't Kicked Out for Being Drunks - The Stranger (February 17, 2010)

It's not perfect, but Karluk Manor deserves a chance - Anchorage Daily News (February 9, 2010)

Dusty 45s for the homeless - Java Colleen's Jitters (February 6, 2010)

Inn could become residency for homeless alcoholics - Juneau Empire (February 1, 2010)

Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority sponsors trip to Seattle to promote homeless housing plan - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (January 28, 2010)

Volunteers brighten lives with paint at Union Hotel - The Seattle Times (January 23, 2010)

DESC, 1811 and how they're helping our neighborhoods - In Pioneer Square (January 15, 2010)

DESC Throws Benefit Concert, Gimme Shelter (January 11, 2010)


Housing Homeless Alcoholics Works - Anchorage Daily News (September 16, 2009)

Seattle's program saves money by housing the homeless - Dallas Morning News (September 4, 2009)

Speech made by Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan at the National Alliance to End Homelessness, Annual Conference - National Alliance to End Homelessness (July 30, 2009)

Column: No place like home for alcoholics - Seattle Times (April 2, 2009)

Health Care and Public Service Use and Costs Before and After Provision of Housing for Chronically Homeless Persons With Severe Alcohol Problems - The Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol. 301 No. 13, April 1, 2009)

Study: Seattle home for alcoholics saved taxpayers $4 million - (April 1, 2009)

Press Release: Housing for homeless alcoholics can reduce costs to taxpayers (March 31, 2009)

200 volunteers prepare Rainier House for new residents - Seattle Times (February 23, 2009)

Assessing Criminal History as a Predictor of Future Housing Success for Homeless Adults With Behavioral Health Disorders - Psychiatric Services (Volume 60 | Issue 2, February 2009); research article authored by Daniel Malone, DESC's Director of Housing Programs. In the first peer-reviewed published study to look specifically at the correlation of previous criminal history to housing retention, Daniel determined that presence of a criminal background did not predict housing failure. His findings suggest that policies and practices that keep homeless people with criminal records out of housing may be unnecessarily restrictive.

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