DESC's Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT) has become widely recognized by other homeless service providers regionally and nationally as a viable instrument for determining placement of chronically homeless people into supportive housing. DESC offers training in the use of the VAT to other public and private homeless service agencies.

DESC has developed an intensive, three day training program for organizations interested in implementing the VAT. Trainings can occur at our location in Seattle, or at the organization's program site. The training includes a detailed manual and interview script. Some organizations trained to use the VAT have received follow-up "train the trainer" instruction so they can handle their own training needs moving forward.

DESC does not charge a fee to use the tool, but does request that organizations that intend to use the Vulnerability Assessment Tool commit to the following:

  1. Receive training by DESC in the proper implementation of the Vulnerability Assessment Tool;
  2. Follow DESC's instructions for implementation of the tool, including limiting the pool of assessors to the minimum necessary;
  3. Credit DESC in the organization's use of the tool; and
  4. Provide feedback and/or de-identified data to DESC to assist with tool improvements.

For more information about the training and associated cost, please contact Maria Jacinto at

Download an Introduction to the Vulnerability Assessment Tool here.

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