Ways to Give

DESC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. DESC directs 85 percent of its spending toward health and housing for vulnerable people. Here are some different ways to give to DESC.

Questions? Email gifts@desc.org.

Development Staff

How to contact us

  • Mabana Bamba, Corporate Relations Manager, mbamba@desc.org, (206) 464-1570
  • Steven Dillon, Workplace Giving Specialist, sdillon@desc.org, (206) 723-1883 x7206
  • Jamie Dineson, Community Resource Program Assistant, jdineson@desc.org, (206) 723-1883 x 7206
  • Megan Mayes, Donor Database Administrator, mmayes@desc.org, (206) 515-1553
  • Barbara Miller, Foundation Relations Manager, bmiller@desc.org, (206) 330-9823
  • Jace Reyes, Individual Gifts and Donor Stewardship Officer, jreyes2@desc.org, (206) 464-1570
  • Don Rupp, Community Resource and Events Manager, drupp@desc.org, (206) 723-1883 x1071
  • Claire Tuohy-Morgan, Communications & Community Relations Manager, ctuohy-morgan@desc.org, (206) 464-1570 x3446
  • Anne Williamson, Community Engagement Coordinator, awilliamson@desc.org, (206) 464-1570
  • Shannon Wong, Senior Manager of Individual Giving, swong@desc.org, (206) 464-1570 x3448
  • (To be filled), Director of Fund Development

Tax Information

Find tax forms and other financial information here.

Other ways to support DESC’s mission to end homelessness:

Become A Member of DESC’s Key Club

Key Club members make automatic monthly donations directly from checking accounts or credit cards. If you give more than one gift annually, or if you would like to make a more significant contribution but feel you can’t afford to write a large check, small monthly donations through our Key Club may be just the thing for you.

To learn more and sign up, contact Shannon Wong.