Employment Services

Employment plays a significant role in the fulfillment with ourselves and our community. Having purpose and striving for a higher sense of meaning in daily routine is the new core narrative we find in the workplace – Does this add to my life? Does it help me stabilize and meet my needs? Will it help me grow and create purpose? These questions and basic needs are just as true for someone looking to advance their career as they are for someone entering the workforce for the first time, and everyone in between. In the case of adults dealing with serious mental illness, substance use disorder, developmental disabilities or lacking housing, successful employment is recognized as a valuable tool in furthering recovery and contributing to long-term stabilization. For DESC clients it gives purpose and helps people take control of their story.

The Supported Employment Program (SEP) at DESC benefits from an established model of highly integrated housing and behavioral health support. Many DESC clients are initially considered “unemployable” by mainstream vocational and employment programs, yet DESC staff have been able to provide even the most disabled and chronically homeless adults with the skills to obtain self-sufficiency. DESC’s Supportive Employment Program, launched in 2008, is integrated into DESC’s state-licensed clinical programs and focuses on those adults who face the most significant challenges to succeeding in the workplace. DESC’s Supported Employment Program (SEP) develops and creates partnerships with local businesses and employment providers. We work closely with local businesses to assist them in finding quality workers who match the employer’s unique needs. From the wide variety of potential applicants, DESC provides screened, motivated job seekers who are well known to DESC. Supported Employment at DESC works in partnership with The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, King County Supported Employment and Foundational Community Supports with HCA. All services provided through DESC’s Employment Services are provided at no cost to the employer.

Program Overview

DESC’s Supported Employment Program is a resource to help enrolled clients find and retain employment, that is competitive and of interest to them. Some of the services we provide include

Benefit Planning:
We can help people understand how work will impact their Social Security benefits and how to utilize associated work incentives.
Vocational Counseling:
We help people choose a career goal based on their interests and skill set.
Job Development:
We support in making connections with employers in the community – we work alongside the job seeker and care team to find the perfect fit.
Job Placement:
We provide support in developing resumes, cover letters, applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, transportation to interviews, clothing and more!
Additional Supports: We partner with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide additional supports in the job search process.

Join Job Club

Meets In-Person: Thursdays, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m., at DESC, 216 James Street, Seattle 98104

Everything you need to know about entering the workforce, from interview preparation to expectations in the workplace. You’ll gain the skills needed to build your resume, find work and stay employed. Services include:

  • Resume and cover letter building
  • Mock interviews and application assistance
  • Employer meet and greets
  • Employment soft skills building

Supported Employment methods believe that everyone can benefit from employment and meaningful activity, and everyone can succeed if given the proper supports.

DESC has helped hundreds of individuals obtain employment as their primary path out of homelessness and toward greater stability.

If you are interested in learning more about the Supported Employment Program at DESC please reach out to sep@desc.org.