Homeless Outreach Stabilization and Transition (HOST)

Homeless Outreach Stabilization and Transition (HOST) is a multi-disciplinary team of health, substance use disorder and medical professionals. The team provides critical survival services and engagement to adults who are experiencing severe and persistent behavioral health and co-occurring disorders in addition to homelessness.

The HOST team works throughout Seattle and parts of King County. We literally meet our clients where they are.

HOST prioritizes services to those who are highly vulnerable, lack service connections or other support and who are unwilling or unable to engage in traditional service models.


  • Outreach and engagement services aimed at locating eligible individuals, building relationships, providing survival services and assessing individual needs.
  • Intensive case management and stabilization services with a full range of community support and treatment.
  • Development and support of maintaining connections to critical resources such as housing, psychiatric and physical health care, financial benefits and other ancillary support services.
  • Transition to long-term behavioral health or other appropriate ongoing services.


  • Engagement and building rapport with individuals who are difficult to reach.
  • Providing services in the community, encampments, streets and shelters, including case management, housing assessments, nursing care and psychiatric services.
  • Strong network of relationships with community resources and providers.

Recognized for Excellence:
The U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services (SAMHSA) and the Downtown Seattle Association has recognized HOST for their exemplary work. For years, the HOST team has provided annual training to SPD’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) in appropriate ways to engage individuals in behavioral health crisis. Hundreds of SPD officers have attended this training. In addition, HOST trains Seattle Public Library and Parks Dept. staff, emergency shelters and human services organizations, churches and community groups about interacting with people living with mental illness.