Lew Middleton Drop-In Center

216 James Street Seattle, WA 98104

The Lew Middleton Drop-In Center was started by Washington State’s longest standing Certified Peer Counselor, Lew Middleton Jr. Since 1994, the center is and continuously aims to be a safe space for a very special and diverse population. The center is run and operated by a team of Certified Peer Specialists, who receive intensive clinical training in order to best serve the community and provide recovery-orientated services.

The Lew Middleton Drop-In Center is open to all DESC clients that are enrolled in a Mental Health or Clinical program based out of our 515, 216 and Wall Street Clinical Offices. Clients prioritized for support are those working to transition into stable housing. Services are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm to anyone that is actively enrolled.

Our goal is to provide whole health services that are client centered and building blocks to recovery.

While on site, clients are able to get a warm meal, access to hygiene services, rest, basic first aid and connect with their clinical team in addition to support groups, engagement activities, volunteer opportunities and monthly outings.

Certified Peer Counselors

The Peer Counselors at the Lew Middleton Drop-In Center partner with a client’s clinical care team to develop recovery goals that reflect a client’s interests. Often, they assist in managing activities of daily living, explore harm reduction techniques and contribute to wellness plans. Peers have the opportunity to draw upon their own experiences to help others find hope and make progress. Because of the Peers’ personal life experience, they are uniquely equipped to provide support, encouragement and resources to those with mental health and substance use challenges.