Clement Place

937 North 96th Street, Seattle 98103
Phone: (206) 829-5899
Fax: (206) 829-3890

Clement Place

Clement Place has 100 studio units of affordable housing with supportive services for people with significant disabling conditions like serious mental illness, substance use disorders, and physical disabilities.

Clement Place got its name from long time DESC staff member Dan Clement. Dan worked at DESC from 1994-2010. He was one of the original staff on what would become the HOST team before serving as the Project Manager of Kerner-Scott House and then Rainier House. Aside from the clear dedication exemplified by his long tenure with DESC, Dan was a role model to many, embodying a calming and engaging presence that formed lasting relationships with staff and clients alike. Dan passed in 2015, but his memory lives on in Clement Place and work we all do everyday.


  • 24/7 support staff
  • Nutritional services including a daily dinner service
  • Medication monitoring
  • Common space for tenants on first floor (meeting rooms, dining area)
  • Community activities (food bank trips, BINGO, etc.)
  • Courtyard garden amenity for tenants
  • On-site clinical services such as case management and mental health care