Lyon Building

607 Third Avenue Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-341-9575
Fax: 206-749-9945

Lyon Building

The Lyon Building was developed by AIDS Housing of Washington (now known as Building Changes) and operated by DESC since 1997. On June 30, 2012, the ownership of the Lyon Building was officially transferred to DESC from Building Changes after the dissolution of the Lyon Building Limited Partnership. The Lyon Building has 64 renovated apartments for formerly homeless adults.


  • 24/7 support staff
  • Nutritional services including a daily dinner service
  • Medication monitoring
  • Common space for tenants on first floor (meeting rooms, dining area)
  • Community activities (food bank trips, BINGO, etc.)
  • On-site clinical services such as case management and mental health care

Presented with Award of Excellence in Affordable Housing, MetLife and Enterprise Foundations, Second Place in Property and Asset Management 2004