Survival Services

For over 35 years DESC has prioritized services to marginalized and chronically homeless people by operating the lowest-barrier shelters in the region. Our Survival Services are a vital resource for thousands of people experiencing homelessness who might otherwise have nowhere else to go.

In addition to providing safe, secure shelter, hot meals, and day-time safe haven from the streets, these services are a focal point for DESC’s outreach efforts and vulnerability assessments, and help people access a wide range of programs (both at DESC and elsewhere) to help them stabilize their lives and get permanent housing. Each night, DESC provides:

  • shelter for 220 people in our Main Shelter at 517 Third Avenue.
    • space for 38 more people in an auxiliary shelter at 505 Third Avenue.
  • shelter for 100 men in our Queen Anne Shelter (QAS) at 157 Roy Street.
  • shelter for 25 women in one of DESC’s supportive housing projects, Kerner-Scott House at 510 Minor Avenue North.
  • shelter for 85 people at our Navigation Center at 606 12th Avenue South.
  • shelter for 40 people at the West Wing Shelter on the corner of 5th and Jefferson Streets
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