Queen Anne Shelter

What is the Queen Anne Shelter (QAS)?
The QAS is a shelter that provides overnight beds to homeless men in Seattle on a year-round basis. The purpose of the project is to increase the number of shelter beds that DESC provides nightly and to make these beds more accessible to individuals who may be attending work, school, or vocational training.

What is the background of this project?
For years, DESC has run an auxiliary overnight shelter to augment the services provided at the Main Shelter. This auxiliary shelter was located first at the Seattle Municipal Building, then at Sacred Heart Church in Queen Anne, and most recently in the basement of DESC’s 505 Third Avenue location. Historically, this has provided approximately 50 men with a mat on the floor in a safe, warm, and dry place during overnight hours. The new Queen Anne Shelter is housed in a dedicated facility remodeled to meet the needs of a shelter program. Hours of operation are from 4pm until 7:30am daily, year round, and the capacity is 100 men.

What services does QAS provide?
Each night men assigned to a bed space at the QAS will have access to the shelter at 157 Roy Street beginning at 4pm. Restroom facilities with showers are on-site, and towels and free hygiene supplies are available. A Housing Assistance Case Manager is present five days a week from approximately opening until 9pm to assist clients with identifying and accessing appropriate support services. A light dinner is served in the evening, and a snack and coffee is provided in the morning. The shelter curfew is 10:30 pm, and clients must be present by this time to keep their bed for the night, unless arrangements have been made to allow them late entry for work, school, or training. The shelter closes in the morning at 7:30 am. Shelter staff will be present at all times to assist clients as needed, respond to crisis situations, and mitigate the shelter’s impact on the surrounding community.

Who is eligible to stay at QAS?
The aim of the QAS is to serve DESC clients identifying as men who qualify for DESC services based on our mission of serving the most vulnerable of Seattle’s homeless population.

How can a client obtain a bed at the shelter?
For registered DESC shelter clients, bed sign-ups happen at the Main Shelter (517 3rd Avenue) between 8 and 9 am. Men may add their name to the list and may check on their bed status beginning at 10 am. If a client prefers to stay at the QAS over the Main Shelter, they should indicate this when they sign up. If, after the QAS opens for services, beds are still available or have opened up because of no-show clients, QAS staff may accept referrals from our referral partners, which include Operation Nightwatch, St. Martin DePorres Shelter, and area hospitals. Walk-ins to the QAS will not be accepted.

How do I contact the QAS?
The contact number for the QAS site is 206-283-9038. This phone is monitored by QAS staff during operating hours. If you have other questions about the shelter that are not answered by this information sheet, please email Shelter Operations Manager Dan Williams at dwilliams3@desc.org.