DESC Advocacy

DESC’s creation is founded in the advocacy of several concerned individuals and organizations, and our legacy of political engagement continues today. At DESC, we envision a community where:

  • No one is treated as a throwaway person
  • No homeless person is abandoned or ignored
  • Leading societal institutions cooperate to ensure people do not become homeless, and when they do, quickly offer an effective helping hand
  • Policies and practices are based on honest and thorough analysis of the causes of and the solutions to homelessness

To work toward this vision:

  • We meet our clients where they are and work collaboratively with them to provide housing first – linked to treatment and other services that meet their needs and human aspirations
  • We work with the broader community, its leaders and institutions, contributing the experiences of our organization and the people we serve, and applying those lessons to community efforts to prevent and end homelessness

What you can do:

  • Learn more about the issue of homelessness in Seattle and share your knowledge of evidence-based programs in person and online.
  • Contact your legislator and tell them you support DESC and programs that support the dignity and well being of people living with homelessness.
  • Vote! In local elections, support bills that bring shelter, homes and service to people living with homelessness.

In addition to our direct service to individual clients:

  • We strive to contribute to the local and national funds of information about best and promising practices. See our Research page for more information about evaluation of DESC programs.
  • We work to promote a policy climate responsive to the needs of disabled homeless people.

DESC participates as a member or partner of several advocacy and education groups, including:

We encourage our supporters to become familiar with these organizations and their efforts to end homelessness and ensure top-quality mental health care that promotes recovery.

Partner with DESC

DESC partners with organizations of every type and size to best serve our clients. In the case of grant-funded partnerships, DESC agrees to pay no more than 15% of indirect costs to partners in support of a collaborative program or project.
To discuss partnership opportunities, please reach us by email or call (206) 464-1570 or email us at info@desc.org.