Annual Report 2022

The figures in this report are for fiscal year January-December 2022, released in July 2023 following annual auditing.

Thanks to DESC housing and shelters, thousands of people slept indoors and not on the streets; a total of 650,262 bednights in 2022!

This is our mission

DESC helps people with the complex needs of homelessness, substance use disorders and serious mental illness achieve their highest potential for health and well-being through comprehensive services, treatment and housing.

DESC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Tax ID: 91-1275815

(All numbers cited in this report are annual totals from 2022 unless otherwise stated.)

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4,216 clients enrolled in more than one program

2,242 new clients enrolled with DESC

Staff provided 53,839 hours of case management, evaluation and other services

1,734 tenants lived in DESC housing, a total of 530,714 housed bednights

1,098 tenants enrolled in at least one program; 342 enrolled in two or more programs

435 tenants moved into homes

Clients received 84,265 meals

We held a virtual grand opening on Jan. 25, 2022, for the project, which includes the integrated physical and behavioral health care clinic and 92 additional affordable housing units.

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Health Services

Staff and tenants administered Naloxone 257 times

Here are just a few of those programs and the numbers of people they helped:

Our Mobile Crisis Team received 3,553 outreach referrals from our three dispatch centers in north, central and south King County.

A gray parka with "Mobile Crisis Team" stamped on the back.

The Crisis Solutions Center cared for 2,763 people in 2022

  • The Crisis Diversion Facility helped 944 people
  • Crisis Diversion Interim Services helped 449 people

Shelters, including our Supportive Emergency Housing, provided 119,548 bed nights in 2022

The Mary Pilgrim Inn and the Gateway in Honor of Tenaya Wright serve a unique need, through Health Through Housing.

Learn more about volunteering here.

And you contributed goods and services:

  • Clothing for 4,500 people
  • Food and drink for 5,918 people
  • Household goods for 4,500 people
  • Hygiene items for 5,000 people
  • Services for 4,000 people
  • Books, media, tickets, holiday gifts and other things, for 1,030 people

For the year of Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2022

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position-DESC & Related Partnerships


Cash & Cash Equivalents $8,184,694
Accounts Receivable & Prepaid Expenses $12,137,436
Restricted Assets & Housing Reserves $19,754,796
Land, Buildings, Furnishings & Leasehold Improvements (Net)$233,090,420
Notes Receivable, Construction in Progress & Other Assets $47,949,800
Total Assets $321,117,146


Accounts Payable$10,826,964
Deferred Revenue $9,092,032
Client Custodial Accounts & Other Liabilities $5,824,694
Notes Payable$201,446,558
Total Liabilities$227,190,248
Net Assets $93,926,898
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $321,117,146
The information presented above is based on DESC 2022 audited financial statements. If you have questions, please contact gifts@desc.org 

Consolidated Statement of Activities – DESC & Related Partnerships


Public Grants & Contracts$63,942,547
Medicaid & Other Health Insurance $7,289,988
Housing Rents & Related Income $7,360,500
Contributions $4,427,505
Contributions-In Kind $6,967,334
Forgiveness of Debt $1,950,845
Other $280,134
Interest $276,461
Total Revenue$92,495,314


Housing Programs$49,542,562
Clinical Programs$27,516,648
Management & Administration $12,818,953
Real Estate Development $518,030
Fundraising $433,765
Total Expenses $90,829,958
Operating Surplus (Deficit)$ $1,665,356
Non-Operating Revenue & Expense
Depreciation, Amortization & Accrued Interest$(11,721,299)
Net Income (Loss)$(10,055,943)