Consultation and Technical Assistance

The Consultation and Technical Assistance program at DESC represents 40 years of accumulated wisdom and low-barrier strategies developed to address the most vulnerable adults experiencing homelessness.

As a tenet of the DESC mission to end homelessness, we embrace the belief that information sharing among peer agencies will result in improved services, greater housing success, and a more rapid end to homelessness nationwide.

Are you looking to move towards the Housing First model? Are you seeking to move to a lower barrier service delivery model? Have you already moved to a low barrier model, but are struggling to implement the change?

In order to serve highly vulnerable clientele, wherever they may be in recovery, services have to be designed in unique ways. Throughout our many years of operating low-barrier programming, we have developed tools and strategies to ensure shelter, supportive housing, and outpatient behavioral health care is designed to serve clients with the highest needs with the fewest barriers possible.

DESC offers technical assistance on all aspects of low-barrier programming. Training, technical assistance, and consulting services can be tailored to meet the needs of specific providers or communities. While technical assistance is packaged to meet the need of each provider or community, the most common topics include:

  • Assertive Outreach and Engagement
  • Understanding the Role of the Rules
  • Lease Enforcement in a Low Barrier Setting
  • Assertive Harm Reduction Strategies
  • Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT) Training for determining needs and/or prioritizing limited resources

DESC offers training through a variety of options including:

  • One-on-one on-site consultation services
  • Intensive residential institutes
  • On-line learning opportunities
  • Speaking invitation and workshop presentation

If you are interested in discussing whether DESC technical assistance is right for you, contact info@desc.org