In-Kind Gifts at DESC

In an effort to reduce our program costs and minimize waste, we accept many types of in-kind goods to give to our clients. Because we have some clients that are experiencing homeless and some that are housed, there are a wide variety of items we can take.

Items We Accept

  • Adult clothing
  • Hygiene items
  • Microwaves, blenders, fans
  • Dishes, pots, pans, silverware, cooking utensils
  • Twin size bedding
  • Sleeping bags or tents
  • Non-expired, shelf-ready food that does not need to be refrigerated
  • When in doubt, email donations@desc.org to see if what you have is something we can accept!

Items We Do Not Accept

  • Furniture (including office or bedroom furniture)
  • Home décor
  • Books
  • Pet items
  • Perishable or expired food
  • Medicines of any kind
  • Children’s clothing or toys

Items We Always Need

  • Men’s cut pants
  • Men’s cut coats
  • Women’s cut plus-sized clothing
  • Menstrual hygiene products
  • Coffee (beans or ground)
  • Sleeping bags and tents
  • New adult-sized socks and underwear (in packaging)

For larger donations, please email donations@desc.org to arrange a time to drop off the gifts at our Donation Processing Center in Rainier Valley.