Crisis Diversion Facility

The Crisis Diversion Facility (CDF) is a 16-bed state-licensed Residential Treatment Facility. The CDF will only accept individuals in behavioral crisis who are referred by first responders in King County, including law enforcement, Fire Department/Medic One units, Designated Crisis Responders and hospital emergency department social workers. Clients stay in this program for up to 72 hours, and receive stabilization, evaluation and psychiatric services, mental health and chemical dependency assessments and intensive case management.


  • Can support inpatient stays for 16 clients for up to 72 hours
  • Accepts referrals from first responders 24/7
  • Mental health and substance use screenings
  • Physical screenings at intake
  • Collaboration with outside providers and social contacts for discharge
  • Psychiatric evaluation, medication stabilization, and monitoring by on-site medical staff
  • Harm reduction model with personalized success plans for clients underserved by traditional services
  • Referral to Crisis Diversion Interim Services if needed