Burbridge Place green features

DESC tries out new sustainability ideas

SEATTLE, Wash. (Dec. 6, 2023)–DESC Director of Facilities, Asset Management and Property Development Sondra Nielsen is enthusiastic about all of the energy savings and innovations built into Burbridge Place, “We continue to pioneer Housing First and what that means, especially from a building technologies standpoint.”

Sustainability features at Burbridge Place:

  • Integrated technology similar to “smart home” design
  • Floors and walls–panels of structural steel, manufactured in a factory and assembled onsite.
  • This building serves our goals of ending homelessness and providing high-quality energy-efficient housing:
  • Rooftop solar array
  • Low voltage unit use
  • Daylight controls
  • Light/occupancy sensors
  • Integrated systems of building functions
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Gray water reclamation
  • Ultra-efficient AC
  • Fresh air corridors
  • Enclosed courtyard with stormwater retention planters
  • Window wall in each unit
  • Each unit has its own air barrier
  • Mechanical room/equipment located at ground level increasing available roof area for solar array
  • Wet room approach to bathrooms
  • “Wet walls” all aligned through modularization