Encampments vs. bans? DESC knows there’s a better way for everyone

On April 22, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) heard oral arguments in a case that will determine whether people experiencing homelessness may be penalized for having no safe place to sleep. 

Johnson v. Grants Pass asked whether cities that enforce laws about camping on public property when there is no other place for people to go are violating the Eighth Amendment by imposing “cruel and unusual punishment.” 

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Housing First meets need with love

New tenants are welcomed to their apartments with individual welcome signs.-Photo courtesy of Tosin Arasi

SEATTLE, Wash. (Dec. 6, 2023)–When we opened Burbridge Place we celebrated the addition of 124 brand new homes for those who have long experienced homelessness. But Burbridge also exemplifies traits embedded in DESC’s DNA–a willingness to try new methods of creating housing and services–and the love that goes into that work.

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