Our response to “Fight for the Soul of Seattle”

A recent project by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, “Fight for the Soul of Seattle,” conflates and simplifies complex issues, mischaracterizes DESC’s mission, and ignores our successful track record housing and supporting some of the city’s most vulnerable and marginalized people. The producers of the show never reached out to DESC to request information or an interview.

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As COVID cases rise, we need to move beyond congregate shelters

As COVID-19 case numbers rise in our community DESC’s housing and shelter programs have also seen an increase in new infections. After a period of two months with no cases, despite lots of testing, the number of positive cases started to increase again last month. Since the beginning of July, there have been nineteen new cases among people living or staying at DESC. Twelve of these occurred at our Navigation Center shelter. This means 63% of these cases occurred in a facility that contains around 2% of our total beds. We received some good news today: the latest round of tests all came back negative.

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