Dates of operation: 2006 – 2017

The City of Seattle released new funding awards for 2018 to align with their Pathways Home Initiative and our Entry Services programs (which included Connections and our emergency shelters) changed significantly as a result.  To align with City funding priorities we created a single Enhanced Shelter program to provide intensive case management to individuals sleeping in our shelter, focused on helping them secure permanent housing and other critical supports. The Connections program, serving a less disabled population, ended.

Since 2006, Connections was a daytime service and referral center providing employment and housing-focused individualized support, educational resources and basic skills training to people experiencing homelessness in Seattle. The program aimed to eliminate barriers that prevent people experiencing homelessness from securing and retaining livable wage jobs and stable, affordable housing. Connections staff worked with clients one-on-one to create comprehensive plans to secure housing and employment that will end their homelessness and give them hope for an improved future. Unlike other DESC programs which focus on serving individuals with the most severe disabling conditions, Connections served those whose homelessness was related primarily to economic conditions in their lives, but who with our support could secure competitive employment and housing in the private rental market.

DESC staff will continue to work with former Connections clients who are enrolled in our Rapid Rehousing Program, and otherwise worked with clients to transition to other resources and programs in the community.