Opioid Treatment Network removes treatment barriers to save lives

The solution to the overdose crisis exists--Jeremy Hoog, psychiatric RN supervisor for the Opioid Treatment Network.

Tragically, last year in King County, over 1,300 people lost their lives to overdoses. This loss of friends, family and community members is devastating, but a DESC program gives us hope during these difficult times.

DESC’s Opioid Treatment Network (OTN) provides medication-assisted treatment to people who regularly use opiates, many of whom have been previously discharged from other treatment programs or are currently unhoused. This program’s impact cannot be overstated.

We are proud to share that individuals engaged with DESC’s OTN, rarely, if ever experience opioid overdoses.

What makes this success possible? A monthly injection of Sublocadea medication that prevents overdoses, as well as OTN making their treatment available with the lowest possible barriers.

By eliminating appointments in favor of on-demand care and not requiring abstinence to enroll, most clients are able to start treatment immediately! 

Learn more about how this medication works in the video below.

Sublocade saves lives every day in our community. It also keeps people out of emergency rooms and reduces interactions with law enforcement–freeing up emergency services for the entire community. 

For just $12, someone can receive their first dose of Sublocade and survive another day, now able to plan for a healthier, happier future. DESC has solutions to providing life-saving care for our neighbors and community members–imagine the impact if we could expand to meet the demand and support each community member who needs access to our services.