Watch Impact Film Festival on Sept. 23!

Sign up to watch DESC’s Impact Film Festival via Zoom, Sept. 23, 7 p.m.! Settle in at home with the device of your choice for an evening of juried short (under 10 minutes long) films that address impacting homelessness.

The film festival celebrates the fact that everyone can have an impact on homelessness, whether that helps one individual or brings about systemic change.

After receiving over 3,000 submissions from 97 countries, a selection committee has determined the semifinalists that you, the festival goers, will experience!  You’ll see films from Cameroon, Ireland, Cambodia, Turkey, Korea, Bosnia, India, Australia , France, Macedonia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Germany and Pakistan, and the US of A. From these filmmakers, you will experience everything from drama to heartwarming moments. This event has a world-wide focus, tailored for our DESC community. 

Your vote will make an impact on those making an impact! Along with enjoying cinema from around the planet, every attendee will vote for best movie in several categories!  This two-hour event will be an entertaining and engaging way to have a conversation about homelessness, its effects all over the world, and how we can all have an impact.

(The submission deadline was Aug. 15, 2021. Submissions are closed.)