Harrell: “This is the most important work we all can do”

SEATTLE, Wash. (Dec. 6, 2023)–Across the nation, permanent supportive housing (PSH) has better than a 90% success rate, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell said.

“I can brag so much about what DESC is doing locally here in Seattle, it’s even higher than that. Nearly 95% of incoming residents remain housed a year later.”

Speaking at the grand opening of Burbridge Place, the mayor said that PSH saves money for the city of Seattle and reduces the use of emergency medical services and inpatient behavioral health care systems, but “I don’t even look at it in terms of, quite frankly, the money we save.” He recalled growing up around people who struggled with substance use, including people his age who are on the street.

“I can tell you sad stories about people who if they just had the kind of services that you offer, they would be alive today.”

Harrell noted that the recently passed Seattle Housing Levy will build about 3,000 new affordable homes, that ultimately this is the most important work we all can do, and said his administration is committed to creating “bold, creative solutions to the affordable housing crisis.”