Thank you all for a fantastic Gimme Shelter

Red, purple and blue lights shine down on four musicians playing guitar, trumpet, drums and bass onstage. The dark backdrop looks like it is sprinkled with stars. An audience watches.

Thank you to everyone who came down to The Triple Door on Oct. 11 for the 14th annual Gimme Shelter Benefit Concert to End Homelessness, to hear The Dusty 45s and benefit DESC’s work to end homelessness! Thank you, The Dusty 45s, you were fabulous!

People were so excited to see the Dusty 45s, and you could feel the energy. The band sounded fantastic, the venue was great and we loved hearing people on the way out talking about what an amazing time they had. Thank you, Billy Joe, Daniel and Heather for your heartfelt words. Thank you to our awesome sponsors: Amerigroup, Walsh Construction Co., Lotus Development Partners, Zillow, AHT Insurance and Enterprise Community Investment! Thank you, everyone, for your help in providing housing and health care to our neighbors experiencing homelessness.