Good news from the front-lines of DESC’s COVID response

We haven’t had a positive test among our clients or staff for three weeks! That’s something to celebrate. Thanks for supporting our work to provide enough social distance for all of our clients to stay safe during the pandemic.

Moving clients of our downtown shelter to the Red Lion in Renton has been a centerpiece of our strategy. The move led to dramatic increases in our clients’ health and stability. Despite opposition, King County Councilmembers voted unanimously on Wednesday to accept a report from our funders about the positive impact of the Red Lion.

In other good news, the City of Seattle has extended funding for our Exhibition Hall shelter through August.

Thanks to King County, the City of Seattle, and your efforts, our clients will be able to stay safely isolated and continue their journeys of recovery during this difficult time. And that’s a bit of good news, for a change.

There’s a better way.

We’ve been key players in the Third Door Coalition for the past three years and are excited to announce the results of our partnership. Check out our comprehensive plan to build enough housing to meet the needs of everyone in our community who is experiencing chronic homelessness.

This plan’s centerpiece is supportive housing. It’s based on DESC’s successful, evidence-based model that has already ended homelessness for the 1,400 tenants of our supportive housing programs.

To bring this solution to scale the private, public and nonprofit sectors all have to take part. We don’t all have to agree about why this work is important. But we do have to work together!